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Briner Veterinary Services is a mobile veterinary service providing veterinary care and support to veterinary facilities, researchers and registered conservation bodies working with wild or rehabilitated animals. Briner Veterinary Services provides a platform to increase the understanding of indigenous animals, their life history and future as well as promote the well-being and conservation of these animals. Briner Veterinary Services also provides veterinary care to domestic, exotic and wild animals through registered veterinary facilities.

About Dr Briner

Dr Jessica Briner is a registered veterinarian with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, South African Veterinary Council and South African Veterinary Association. She has a Biology Degree (BSc and MSc) from Oxford University, England and a Bachelors in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Dr Briner is currently completing her PhD with the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, looking into the effects of climate change on avian species in the Kalahari desert. Dr Briner is a Swiss citizen and grew up in South East Asia. She has lived in eight countries, on three continents and loves the breadth of exotic animals this has allowed her to work with. When Dr Briner is not following her veterinary dreams, she enjoys rock climbing, biking, hiking and adventuring off the beaten track.

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